Purple Lightning

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March 25, 2000 - Victory over the Lady Bugs


      name                    telephone
  ___________________       ____________

  Alison Ilg (coach)        770 565-5440
  Luanne Kuna (coach)       770 971-6923 (weekdays)
       "                    770 977-2046 (eves & weekend)
  Ellen Francis (coach)     404 255-0590


     date        time      field       opponent      drinks & snack
  __________   ________   _______   ______________   ______________

  09/09/2000    3:40 PM     ST2     Ladybugs            Peterson
  09/16/2000    9:00 AM      Y2     Shooting Stars      Arjmand
  09/23/2000    2:20 PM     ST1     Kangaroos           Barcelli
  09/30/2000   10:20 AM     ST2     Quick Kicks         Bowerfind

  10/07/2000    3:40 PM      Y2     Angels              Flood
  10/14/2000   10:20 AM     ST1     Ladybugs            Gunning
  10/21/2000    3:40 PM     ST2     Shooting Stars      Holmquist
  10/28/2000    9:00 AM      Y2     Kangaroos           Kenney

  11/04/2000    1:00 PM     ST1     Quick Kicks         Petrosky


  1.  We will use same uniforms as last year.
  2.  Practice is from 5:30-7:00 PM each Thursday afternoon at YMCA Field #2.
  3.  Soccer cleats are not allowed at practice.
  4.  Each player MUST wear team shirt and shin pads at games.
  5.  Bring water bottle and extra pair of socks each week.
  6.  If a game is rained out, it will be rescheduled, probably on a Sunday.
  7.  Please be at field 20 minutes before game time (time above is game time).

Calling Circle

You may call the HOT LINE (770 333-5757) in case of inclement weather. You will also be notified through the CALLING CIRCLE. If you are called (for cancellations, time changes, etc.), then it is your responsibility to call the next person below you on the Roster (see above). If you are unable to contact the person below you then skip to the next until you reach someone. Please remind them to call the next person. If all works well, the last person to receive a call will be Luanne .... who probably started this exercise!


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